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Other Services

Funeral Services and
Bereavement Counseling:

There is nothing anyone can say to diminish the loss of a loved one. Certainly, as time goes by, the sense of loss may diminish, but that time can seem so very long and lonely. Sammy Crosby of Lifelong Grace has the spiritual expertise to guide you through the bereavement process, and would be honored to officiate your funeral service.

Divorce Counseling:

Divorce is second only to the passing of a spouse in terms of sense of loss and the ensuing stress. It can be one of the most painful experiences that a person can go through. Having personal knowledge of this difficult life event, Sammy’s counseling classes offer an empathetic insight into separation and recovery.


"Dear Pastor Sammy,


I just wanted to say thank you for the outstanding job you do as we serve our families. You personalize each service. I appreciate that you visit with each family, getting to learn about the loved one they have lost. I appreciate your professionalism and the kindness you show our families."

-Kathie Brady, Funeral Director

Cypress Fairbanks Funeral Home



"I am a funeral director with Brookside Funeral Home-Cypress Creek, and I can personally say that every service that Sammy Crosby has led for our families has been of the highest standard.

I have seen countless guests at funerals pull Sammy aside to tell him what a wonderful job he’s done and to genuinely thank him for the comfort he’s provided to the family.

Sammy truly serves from the heart, and he handles each family with grace and compassion. He understands that handling the death of a loved one is never easy, and he strives to deliver a personalized service every time. I also believe that families leave knowing that Sammy will always make himself available to continue to serve them.

Sammy Crosby is and will continue to be highly recommended by the entire staff at Brookside Funeral Home-Cypress Creek."

-Maegan Camarillo, Funeral Director

Brookside Funeral Home-Cypress Creek

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